Holiday Party Planning: Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

By loveandjoie

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

Alright guys, it’s confession time!

WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THE HOLIDAYS AND WE AREN’T AFRAID TO ADMIT IT: During the month of December we love spending our time watching Christmas movie countdowns while wearing our Rudolph slippers. Car Rides, only consisting of the sounds of holiday Music. Our kitchens are filled with the scent of constant Christmas cookie baking….and Oh yes, we go to the mall just to look at the giant Magical Sparkling Christmas Tree!
Does this sound like you? (we just can’t be the only ones!?)

During the month of December we are always on the search for inspiration for our holiday events! Does this still sound like you…

Throwing a holiday party is always fun! Tasty cocktails and a touch of sparkle will always make your party memorable. With a few key ingredients anyone can have a glamorous party for friends and family! With the use of a sequin overlay, emerald glass chargers, and beautifully wrapped ornaments, the details of a magical holiday party will start to come together!

First let’s start with the basics…

Invitations. Figure out how many people you are willing to accommodate and send out invitations with at least two weeks’ notice.

Preparatory measures. If you host parties regularly, it’s worth investing in some simple glassware. you can buy glasses from IKEA and use them every time you have a gathering at your home. They are far classier than plastic cups and less wasteful. I like to dress up basic glasses with striped straws or ribbons. Otherwise, I suggest stocking up on bamboo flatware and taking a cue from some glittery DIY.

Food. I love taking the best parts of childhood parties and translating them into a grown-up context. I usually like to serve finger foods. In fact, I found a cute idea online: Mini grilled cheeses with tomato soup. I bet these are a real crowd pleaser. Finger food is best because it minimizes dirty dishes and the pressure of timing a meal for a large group. Deli platters are usually a hit too. Go to your local deli and put together a nice meat and cheese platter. I always have the butcher slice the meat instead of buying the prepackaged kind because it looks and tastes so much better. If you’re not sure what to serve up in terms of sweets, I suggest setting up a self-serve s’more bar for dessert. It’s another childhood treat that most adults rarely indulge in. And what person isn’t happy with a s’more in hand?

Drinks. If you’re going to have a big group over, I recommend making a batch of cider punch in a punch bowl. In addition to a seasonal drink, I almost always serve a bowl of spiked lemonade as an alternative to the punch. It’s much easier than making one drink at a time and guests can easily serve themselves.

Now for the details…

Decor. Every party needs some sparkle. Try hanging strands of twinkling lights in each room. You can also make dozens of tissue garlands to stream throughout the house. Another easy decoration idea is to fill groupings of glass vases with holiday candies such as candy canes and peppermint pinwheels.

Lighting. Sprinkle the house with candles. It creates a warm, inviting ambience. Place tea lights in mason jars for a lovely glow that’s both safe and beautiful.

Make space. Don’t forget to move extra furniture to the perimeter walls and provide for plenty of seating.

Music. To keep the mood upbeat and festive kick off the night by playing plenty of classic, fun holiday tunes such as “Santa Baby,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” and many more. As the night goes on transition to some fun dance music.

Say cheese! Don’t forget to set up a cute holiday themed photo booth. Click here to snag a few holiday printable photo booth props.

Remember. The key to being a good host is to be prepared, but to not get caught up in everything being perfect. You should enjoy your party. Drinks will spill, food will stain, and things will break… No party is perfect. The most important rule: Make sure you have plenty of food and drinks ready ahead of time and just have fun!

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Tis’ The Season!

XOXO, Joie De Vivre Weddings and Events

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